SQL lock finder

SQL lock finder is a tool that helps you find the cause of your locks faster.
It visualizes each session and connects the sessions that are being locked.

The project is available on github and we would appreciate any contributions on the repository.

SQL lock finder is build with WPF in dotNetCore 3 so it is available cross platform.
At the moment we only support SQL Server.

Meet the family

Werner Geuens

Experienced Senior Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in SQL Server performance tuning, high availability solutions and requirements analysis. Strong consulting professional with a focus on solving difficult technical problems using the newest technology.

Luc Bos

My sister once gave me 'dark basic' as a birthday present, since that day I'm still addicted to coding. Love clean code and like to experiment with new architectures, but not on the budget of the client.

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